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Local Farmers

Dianne helps Local Farmers turn their produces and products into a business. She meets with farmers one-on-one, gives seminars on the topics and tools on writing an industry business plan, loan packaging, special funding programs, how to work with retailers and wholesalers and customers, and marketing to their target customers.

Food Truck Owners

Dianne helps Food Truck Owners with the proper rules and regulations to set up their businesses properly. She helps them develop a loan package for bankers or private investors.

Food Manufacturers

Dianne helps Food Manufacturers from concept to starting their business in stages by using the Cottage Food Law Act, moving to Food Manufacturing Incubator, and growing to Co-Packer. She is hands-on in setting up a marketing strategy to sell retail and wholesale, locally to globally. Dianne meets with manufacturers either in one-on-one meetings and also gives seminars throughout Louisiana on the topics and tools for writing a customized business plan, food resources, loan packaging, special funding programs, how to work with retail and wholesale businesses, food distributors and food brokers, customers, and marketing to their target customers. Dianne works with food manufacturers throughout the many stages of their businesses growth selling across the United States and globally.

Craft Brewery Owners

Dianne helps Craft Brewery Owners with the Louisiana's rules and regulations to properly set up their business. She helps brewers prepare a loan package that includes a strong business plan, projections, and marketing concept to present to bankers or private investors.

Fast Casual to Fine Dining Restaurant Owners

Dianne helps Fast Casual to Fine Restaurant Owners from concept to opening the doors, growing the business, and troubleshooting issues. She is hands-on with instruction on location, lease, front to back door full process, kitchen design, financial statements, and projections. Dianne creates customized systems for operating a strong business that includes human resource training, development of policies and procedures used to build a resilient workforce team, and a marketing strategy to increase repeat customers. She meets with Restaurant Owners either on a one-on-one basics or through seminars on the topics: tools for writing an industry business plan, loan packaging, marketing, menu design, ServSafe best practices, etc.

Commercial Cooking Techniques

Dianne is a trained chef instructor. She helps her clients overcome challenges in food production. Often, her clients seek her advice when they are growing to a larger commercial kitchen. They need her help designing a menu, pricing, and suppliers. She teaches them practical techniques for speed and accuracy to increase volume and sales.

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